Monday, February 28, 2011

Where can I purchase inexpensive insulin and supplies for my diabetic cat?

I'm looking for a place - perferably online - where can I buy equipment for my diabetic cat. She needs insulin, syringes, and Purina ONE cat food. Her delivery which cost me a small fortune on vets, so I hope to find something cheaper. Can anyone help? Try heres one for you so that you are trying to push the chair, but I doubt they would be cheaper. Unfortunately, diabetes in cats kind tricky.NEVER replace insulin, unless the vet does it for you! One or more of the really cheap and in bulk supply of They are good for kidney problems, but can not get you everything. But you can stock up on cheap needles, etc., and should not be too much to eat and medicines at the same time. usually have very low requirements compared to the ridiculous markups on most veterinarians. My cats 1 800 PetMeds PZI insulin is approximately $ 30 per bottle cheaper than my vet charges, and with it the burden of 17 million express. Always give 10% discount for the next, so if I can swing, I have two bottles. I found this to be the same price of syringes that rates of my doctors, so just pick Syrine veterinarians. Hope this helps. I've never had a cat with diabetes and there is a Yahoo group for her. I am a member of feline cancer, hypertension, etc. Just go and put in the search for feline diabetes. Join the group and can share information with all members - is relaxed, food, etc Purina One has 2 / 3 of the wheat in its formulation and I heard you want a very low carbohydrate diet with diabetic cats. Then, other group members can give you more ideas on what works best for your cat to eat .


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