Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm taking a trip to Vegas: Where can I buy Insuline and diabetic supplies?

I'm from Mexico City. I take a vacation with a diabetic. We carry all the medical care of this concern. But I'm curious emerging on the need for a prescription in an emergency and we have to buy something, while to others to be there. Thank you. BTW, we have to follow any protocol customs at the airport? Check with the airline as far as the written documentation. Not sure how foreign Rx work in the U.S., but check with Walgreen's, they will have the answer, and Vegas is full of Walgreen's. Have a nice trip. Enter all medical you. Never put them in your luggage if it is lost. If you have an emergency and need more insulin to go to the nearest hospital and help them. Have a great holiday. My daughter had to go on a trip with drugs and she called the airlines. I do not think there is a problem that brings. Your document, but I would write a prescription, if some go as you lose your medication or something. If you have an emergency, you can go to a hospital in Las Vegas and go to urgent care and they will help you to always take a prescription for insulin needles and states differ in their requirements. Every pharmacy should have it both ways. Although legally, any pharmacy to give you the needle with insulin, in practice, it's like pulling teeth. Many will not give up needles, unless you have an accompanying recipe (which, how else you take insulin?) Oh baby, it's on every corner pharmacy in Las Vegas. I am a pharmacist and I work in Las Vegas. Finding a pharmacy is not a problem. If there is an emergency and she should see a doctor, there are lots of hospitals and clinics minute or quick-care clinics (note: even if they say "quick care" or "my clinic," you still intend to wait an hour if you entering). Check the phone book or online if you need a place. All prescription drugs require a prescription written by a licensed physician. If you require a prescription from Mexico, it can not be busy in Las Vegas if the physician is licensed in the U.S. (an American physician must have DEA numbers) If you need insulin, you may be able, without buying a prescription Humulin R, Humulin N may Humulin 70/30 bought without a prescription. You just need to go to a pharmacy and ask. But if it requires a different type of insulin they need a prescription. If diabetes is not on stable treatment, and you think it might be some problems, you can buy some of the patient's medical insurance during the entire trip. Health care is this outrageous expensive, and there is no break for tourists. As far as customs go, call the airline and ask them .the exact recipe


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