Saturday, February 12, 2011

What do I do about the diabetic supplies that we will need for a family member?

We have to bring snacks and supplies with us. How can we do if only allowed to return to many places we want to see? Use a large bag. I agree with the proposal of "Blah". A woman of great handbag should be fine. Will be inspected upon entry into most attractions and, sometimes, can be sent from X-ray scanner, but should meet your needs. I use a large fanny pack. Leave your hands free and can store enough snacks and an insulin pen, tape measure. If you are in Washington this summer, a purse can be used cold, as it can get very hot. And I usually can answer your spare cameras and brochures through the day. diabetic supplies are not very large. If your luggage, put over there and reserve two days to arrive. All family members need to keep in a handbag (syringes, insulin, meters, test strips, etc.).


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