Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm taking a trip to Vegas: Where can I buy Insuline and diabetic supplies?

I'm from Mexico. I take a vacation with a diabetic. We carry all the medical care of this concern. However, I am curious to turn up the need for a prescription in an emergency and we need to buy something while others to be there. Thank you. BTW, you should follow the customs of the Protocol to the airport? Check with the airline since the minutes. You do not know how Rx foreigners work in the United States, but check with Walgreen years, they have the answer, and Vegas is full of Walgreen's. Have a nice trip. Enter all your medical. Never put them in the luggage if it is lost. If you have an emergency and need more insulin to go the nearest hospital and help them. Have a great holiday. My daughter had to go on a trip with drugs and she called the airlines. I do not think there is a problem that brings. Your document but I would write a prescription in case some is that you lose your medication or something. If you have an emergency, you can go to any hospital in Las Vegas and go to the emergency and that will always help a prescription for insulin, needles and states vary in their requirements. Any pharmacy will have both. Although, legally, any pharmacy can give insulin needles in practice is like pulling teeth. Many do not give needles unless you have a recipe that comes with (like, the more you use insulin?) My God, there are pharmacies on every block in Las Vegas. I am pharmacist and work in Las Vegas. Finding a pharmacy is not a problem. If there is an emergency and need to go to the doctor, there are tons of hospitals and clinics and clinics minutes fast (note: the same as saying "quick care" or "clinic for a minute," you're still going to wait for hours if you are a walk-in). Check the phone book or Internet, if you need to find a place. All prescription medications need a prescription written by a licensed physician. If you place an order from Mexico, can not be met in Las Vegas, unless the physician is licensed in the United States (U.S. physician must have a DEA number) If you need insulin, you can buy without a prescription Humulin R, Humulin N, Humulin 70/30 and can be purchased without a prescription. Just go to a pharmacy and ask. However, if you need any other type of insulin, you must have a prescription. If the diabetic patient is not a permanent treatment and I could have some problems, the patient buy health insurance for the duration of your trip. Medical care is expensive here and there interrupt adult tourists. customs duty on the Go 'to call the airline to request a more specific requirement .


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