Monday, February 14, 2011

Diabetic supplies allowed on airplanes?

Ok, I am a diabetic who was first in the morning and need some advice on my syringes and needles for insulin pens pack my card. I think they would be allowed in a controlled pocket, but I fear that my luggage is lost. How diabetics here? You should be able to have all your medications and related devices in the cabin. It's a good idea to keep your medications in their original packaging with tags recipe, if there are any questions. If you plan to take on board the aircraft are not. Check the bag spray, so you do not need problems. Enjoy your flight and a safe trip. Please ignore Rube who says you can not pin board. He is completely wrong! Diabetics (and any others you need to take an injection), supplies on board in their hand luggage. You should have a letter from your doctor as evidence of the need and it should be his full name, address, phone number and you should not have critical medical equipment in his luggage. If your luggage is lost or delayed, you can have a life threatening situation. Ross is wrong. You may bring in a limited range. I do not think it is to limit the amount of insulin, but when you get to go on a long vacation a few days of needles on board and let rest in your checked baggage. I think the FAA or TSA is expected to provide information on such sites .


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