Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where can I collect used/wasted diabetic supplies?

My friend and I consider this work to non-profit for children with type I diabetes in underdeveloped countries. And to do before you really start anything, our biggest concern is how we can collect lost diabetic supplies such as insulin pumps, pens, blood glucose, insulin, or just dated? Thanks for your help! Id be happy to give an idea some.thats cracks, but difficult to establish an international charity by means of pumps in underdeveloped countries is probably not possible. Insulin syringes without a prescription can, in most states purchased as a basal insulin (regular, NPH). Meters are free of manufacturers, the test gives the real thing because they are expensive and must be with the meter as they are uniquely designed. This seems like a good idea, but a much bigger commitment than you seem to realize. Make a plan to present to manufacturers and other organizations to increase funding and hopefully some sponsors for their care. fundraising wait can take awhile, but once it starts, will take off like wildfire, if you do the basics first! Good luck. There are many logistical problems with third world countries, and supplies for diabetes. Insulin pumps will be a resounding no, no. First, the batteries are not readily available in underdeveloped countries. Type 1 diabetics can not go several days without insulin until they can get 100 miles away from a store to buy batteries. Even with the pump, piping, INFUSIONS, dams, etc. When your life depends on it, you can not wait to get supplies in a week or two remote areas of the world. You need a blood test meter, the batteries are hard to find, especially for accountants who have unusual batteries. I did a study over 15 years of blood test strips that do not use batteries. They worked about 80% of the time, but the big problem was the use of batteries. Insulin should be refrigerated, and in many of the world's three, they have no cooling and the temperature outside is very hot I'm all for helping people - do not misunderstand me. But the logistics of type-1 diabetes is very difficult when a normal delivery is not available .


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