Sunday, February 20, 2011

how can i get help with my diabetic supplies?

I live on a tight budget from 180.00 per month and I found my tape and needles are expensive to buy. So live without most of the time. If you are in the United States, 1-800-DIABETES call and ask. They must have information or know where you are referring. Also I have trouble taking 16 pills a day and live on a tight budget and Suger also tell us what you find that could help many people. Thank you consult with the hospital in the county. They have programs for people without insurance. Have you tried to get Medicaid. Or talk to a doctor could probably give you some ideas on how to obtain supplies. Fortunately we are on the internet is a valuable asset prices you can afford. I leave you some links where you can find general information about topics such as life without diabetes supplies and where to look to find them.


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