Friday, February 25, 2011

Where can I find a really cute bookbag to carry my diabetic supplies in?

Or is there some way to make one? I need enough space to put on a poker meters and scarves, books, candy, juices, pens, and some additional things, like bottled water or something.thanks Forever 21 is like 100 bags in its stores frount of a dollar each. They are very cute. I use one as my bag a purse or a backpack if the event: You can get a gauge of minutes of fabric and a roll of wire. Then cut two squares large enough to set on top of each other substances, such as color sides are playing sew the squares to make one side seam no bag inside out so as not to cut the pieces long enough to sew the strips together then sew tote straps at or just buy one: American Eagle, Aero, Hollister, Khol, backpack, idk how to make a backpack sorry: (you can buy a bag target, Kmart, Wal -Mart, etc, or a bag lunch, Target, Kmart, Walmart, etc. I have a fun little bag that I like good-will and many people have wondered where I have it. It was only a few dollars, but I use it all the time! Pac Sun, Forever 21, Abercrombie Vera Bradley, because many substances, things good for the Im not sure where a bag, but if you want to think about protecting your diabetic supplies incase get an ID card your valuable stock is lost or stolen ! I Adapt ID tags. ($ 3 each) Please check out my website Thank you! Jessie


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