Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is there anywhere I can get free insulin and diabetic supplies? I need help. PLEASE?

I am diabetic and I can not return to work until you reach the end so it cost me money I normally spend my diabetic supplies. My family needs help. Thanks. Do you have a health system in the county where you are? If so, check with them. In addition, some pharmaceutical companies have programs to help people. Consult your pharmacist. If all else fails, contact your state to see if you qualify for state aid. Good luck! I do not think that the local Red Cross can help you with your needs. Call your pharmacy and speak very pharmacist.He must have the documents, you can fill out to get drugs for emergency medication free.Also can give enough until you can consult your doctor. talk to ur doc or diabetes educator at heart. Diabetic Eva my teacher gives me free stuff when I need and have no money We have a health clinic. The cost is only $ 15 to go and you can join a medical drug is $ 8 for 3 months of treatment. You can also test for Medicaid and see if you're hoping to find something elligible. You can visit the website below and sign up for free or discounted drugs, just put everything you have and have a doctor to sign it .


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