Monday, February 21, 2011

Where can I get cheap diabetic supplies?

I am an uninsured diabetic and ask me where I can get an inexpensive blood glucose meter, test strips, lancets and. Preferably not on the Internet. Thank you for your doctor. Mine gets a ton of yards from the company reps. They give them out free. You can also private label (ie Walgreens) brand meters and strips. they are generally quite cheap. I have a free Bayer meter with test strips and lancets from the line of an ad for free free and I get a second from'm online. I am a type 1 diabetes. be the cheapest place to get your delivery to Walmart. There you have it for $ 10 per meter and a series of 50 test strips for only $ 20. Also provides long-acting insulin is about $ 24 a bottle, because all generic. The cheapest brand is Relion diabetics. All the equipment I bought works just as well. The cheapest place is probably going to be on the Internet, especially if you want a known brand. There are several places that links to free meters, strips and lancets, but they have good brand Ebay and Amazon are two great places, especially for police only. They are just extra strips, nothing wrong with them, and often less than the average, or even more. Here's an article on the test strips found on eBay and is safe to buy the practice. It's a good article and convinced my sister to try eBay, and now puts all the issues there! Good luck!


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