Friday, February 11, 2011

How to get insurance for my diabetic supplies and doctor?

I am a type one diabetic, and I am now 17 but when I turn 18 I'm moving on my own. Right now my mom have Medicaid pay for everything, but I do not know what to do when I move. I would ask my mom for help, but I just wanted to start a discussion about me planning. So can anyone help me, knows I have no idea if such a thing. It depends largely on where you live and what are your plans after your departure. If you plan to work is often times your employer offers health insurance. If you go to school, then you should be covered by your mother's Medicaid. If you are unemployed or have health insurance then maybe your company does not claim to own Medicaid or Healthy NY plan, a government-subsidized health insurance for people who do too much for Medicaid and can not be a plan from an employer. Drew is correct. When you are on your mothers Medicaid, your medical needs taken care of. But if, as Drew suggested that you do not qualify for assistance under the stack leaving're, you can pay out of pocket suggest that you have brought the cost of your supplies and the size of your doctor before emigration. With diabetes, it is not cheap, and you need a regular health care. Next time you ask him, if not for Medicaid, it would cost for me? The same applies to your doctor. You can see that even if you make enough for rent, food etc to pay, you will not be able to do that you take your diabetes. Fortunately today, you pay money for them if you have a job with health insurance through your employer. You can try welfare health insurance, like Medicaid, but there is no guarantee you will be eligible .


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