Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am a diabetic and have been told that you can get free diabetic supplies?

I've heard there may places, but so far I can not find one. I am unemployed and have no health insurance, and I did not help Medicad. I am 56 years old with type 2-diabetic. I need to test blocks and insulin. HELP! Discount Health Plan is ideal for those who can not afford or qualify for traditional health insurance. Companies providing services to health a very low monthly fee is reduced. The advantages are a number of discounts for doctors, hospitals, dental, vision, prescriptions, vitamins and other health services. I would not say I'm quite sure really depends on personal mind.thus, it would be better to try to find the best answer yourself.Here is a good source of reference well. 1) If you have type 2-diabetes, you do not need insulin, testing supplies. Have you been diagnosed with type-2? If yes, tell the doctor who diagnosed the problem you are that one or two have a day pill is all you need someone who told a doctor that you have type 2 diabetes and needs insulin, he / she is a quack. 2) If you need insulin for type 1 diabetes, check out the following Web site. You can provide free / reduced costs of: 3) If you are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it was probably when you were a child. If you stop taking insulin if you become unemployed, you probably too ill to write, so you have type 2 (adult onset diabetes). You do not need insulin for it. 4) If you do not know what type of diabetes, go to a search engine, type "(your city / state) free clinics" and find your nearest is. Or go to the emergency room because you are unconscious from lack of insulin .


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