Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where can I get diabetic testing supplies for little or no cost?

I can not get insurance and can not find the things you do not have health insurance or higher. HELP! I'm going and my daughter needs supplies! Go to the American Diabetes Association in bulk. The bands are half price! carla pharmaceutical companies to provide some doctors to give patients a few meters. If your daughter sees a family doctor, you may be able to reach the clinic. You can also contact a company like Lilly directly and see if they can help. This is one of the companies that provide diabetic supplies and have a good reputation. Go to a public health clinic and see if they can help. Glucometers my ears. (Pharmacy will not stop to give). Test Strips are another problem for people in Ontario w / o access to private insurance in the Trillium Drug benefit program subsidizes the cost tons a sliding scale to your total drug costs and revenues are of the opinion (or lack thereof) I understand that they are pretty average American street for people without health insurance. I could never understand why such a rich nation such a strange priorities. If you have Medicaid or Medicare to get supplies for free or no cost. Check in your town to see if a Human Resources Council or something. (Your doctor will tell you) or try one of the drug rep. company Abbott. Also try the PPA agreement does Montel Williams on TV.


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