Saturday, March 5, 2011

How much should I expect to pay for diabetic testing supplies?

I need Ascensia Contour test strips and lancets MICROLET. I'm on a tight budget and I wanted to get an idea before going to the store. Do most insurance companies pay for these things? Holy Cow! I had no idea that it is so expensive. I live in Germany and all my medications for diabetes free. But I think you live in the UK today? Sorry, not sure, then - move to England lol! In Britain they are free on prescription. Not sure about the United States, sorry. It is best to check directly with the insurer. And remember, whatever your budget tight, do not miss the test because it is very important for your health. If you live in USA, MD in a recipe, call the pharmacy. You should expect to pay your normal user charge regulations trademark of the band (I paid $ 30) and about $ 10 for The Lancet (they cost $ 10 I do not believe that all policyholders). Without a warrant, a box of 100 strips costs around $ 100. Caro, eh? Good luck! Yes, most insurance will pay for bandwidth! If the meter you choose is what they like, pay for this other way of doing good will pay 50% and the cost of the bands. Bands average of 1 € per tape without insurance! Diabetes is a very expensive disease to have. E-mail sites on TV does not show that should be on social security benefits for the version of hardware. The convenience of receiving the material every 3 months, email is good, but still must pay what the insurance company will not cover. Co-payments, etc lol we are careful and do not skimp on supplies. A few meters at low prices and supplies may give false results once again testing or medication errors. Read some information about this site:


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