Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are you allowed to take medication or diabetic supplies as take on baggage when flying to Europe?

Array I think so, but you may need to take a doctors note. I suggest you call the airline flying and ask. Guess they've never been to Europe or left the country before, because you know you can take any prescribed medication must have a copy of the recipes you.which COM is simply common sense. NEVER travel outside the U.S. prescriptions.even without copies of ALL the medications typically do not have, or have with you that trip.even to can save your life. The prescription drug names are often different from one country to another, and do not know what you're talking about, if you tell them "I take one pink tablet each morning." Because in their countries, there may be a yellow tablet and take every day. You can take any medicine with you if you have a valid prescription for it and the need for travel and an hour later. Diabetics are a common example. It's a good idea to include them in a clear plastic bag and / or offer for inspection, you can also usually asked to keep what you need during the entire trip (plus a bit more if your luggage gets misplaced!) Cheers!.


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