Sunday, March 6, 2011

I was just diagnosed with diabetes. Can anyone tell me where to go for help with diabetic supplies cheaply?

I was just diagnosed and put on Glucophage. My hemoglobin A1C was 12.1 and 317, on average, during the last 3 months. I have no health insurance and hope to get medical supplies at the lowest possible price. I see the diabetes educator for the first time next week (Wednesday). With Wal-Mart usually has a very reasonable price. U know I personally do not know the answer, but my father is diabetic and has a center that works exclusively for that purpose. S is like 1:30, so we asked later, when I see it and let you know. Good luck. :) Good luck, pal, there's nothing cheaper diabetes worldwide has pushed prices in the pocket. What is sometimes said drug samples the doctor and the nurse can provide a good source of diabetic meters, test strips and lansettes. As Diana can again turn on and off all medications for diabetes and supplys, here are two words which must be anchored in the counts. to diet and exercise are so important, it will comment on treatment for life, but II diabetes or adult-onset diabetes or whatever they call it in the days around, with these two lifestyle changes you informed about your diesese turned. There are several good websighs WebMD, Veriatus (sp) It Joylisn clinic, and I'm sure there's more. Good luck I know that there is more than you, but hope you find it useful.


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